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Old 06-09-2019, 03:26 AM
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No pictures on this one. Apparently my "choosing organic" has worked. My Cycle is starting.

I've got lights on from 9am (ramp up to full by 11) and then scaling down from 6pm - 9pm just to avoid things getting totally out of control. I have a fine layer of brown algae appearing all over the rock and sand, looks like cyano under the atinic blue but, no just brown. All very normal in my mind. My Ammonia has been steadily dropping and I'm about going to keep the organic offering going for another 2 weeks before I head for a business trip. Since I'll be flying back into YVR will stop by the LFS and pick up some hardy fish, and restrain myself from anything crazy and let this thing get matured for a few more months after that.

The waiting is the worst, but I feel much more calm and restrained this time around. Instead I'm spending the time outside with our 14 month german shepherd puppy and also building a 6 tap bar/beer dispenser. I feel it will be much less of a mess, no drywall involved
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