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Old 12-31-2019, 04:18 AM
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Default Led help

So I was running 3 x 165w led (cheap Chinese lights) over my 120 (4 2 2) with tremendous success for 2 years, loads of euphylia, fragging every six months they grew so fast, including a wall hammer and large elegance coral. Easy Sps growing well (plating monti, Digi etc). Ran lights at 70% blue 30% white.

Moved and upgraded to a 265 (7 x2.5x 2) and upgraded to 2 x 300watt vipsrspectra led (also cheap unite but similar output per gallon as previous tank) plus one of the old 165w units. set lighting intensity the same at 70% blue and 30% white. Corals are the same distance from lifhts as previously. Six months in and all euphylia is retracted, can see individual heads when fully out. Flesh is receded up the stems.

All other parameters are similar to previous tank, elements within acceptable range. Only difference is lighting. Any experience with this? Love my euphylia and seriously depressing they are slowly withering away. Led ouput should be a little less with 765 watts over 265 gallons vs previous 495 watts over 120.
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Old 01-08-2020, 09:13 PM
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800w true power usage of led is = to around 3000w metal halid grow lights.
Lenses and spectrum play a roll, depth of new tank and flow .
Cycle of the new system
I have made and customize my own off shore light they are very powerful I have seen similar reactions to corals try lowering the output and time cycle to a 12 hours use more time on the blue and less time on the white .
It sounds like a new system it will take time to get the corals use to their new home .
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