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Originally Posted by cvrle1 View Post
Hope you are right haha. It will be slow and steady sort of a build I hope. I am doing this in my townhouse garage, so it is cold in there now. I cant spend as much time as I would have during the summer. May have to fire up a heater to extend some work hours. With garage getting cold, I may only have 6 months timeframe to run QT tanks as well, as I am not sure if heaters will be able to keep water at correct temp when garage will be at like 0C during winter. should test it out. Put a big ass heater inside of a Rubbermaid with good circulation and a temp monitor. See if the heater and water flow can keep up to the cold temps. I'm thinking maybe at least 600 watts to 20 gallons of water to be sure. If that doesn't work quite well enough then entertain insulating the bottom and sides of the tank/container with styrofoam to trap the heat.
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