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Originally Posted by LifeIsGreat View Post
Wow, great work! I did a bit of car buffing when I was in high school so I know how hard it is to get a nice polish. Waxing the outside of the tank might get the clarity up a bit too, and hide the buffing swirls, just don't do the inside due to the chemicals.
Truth be told I couldnt see swirl marks from buffing. I was using Dual Action polisher for it, so maybe that helped. I think that once water goes in, it will be crystal clear. When I got it, back was horribly cloudy, but it wasnt visible with water in it at all. Will have to wash it out with bleach/water mix, to get all novus residue out, so will see how it will look at that time as well.

Originally Posted by bauder1986 View Post
Man this tank is going to be stellar! I'm looking forward to the next few months of this!

Hope you are right haha. It will be slow and steady sort of a build I hope. I am doing this in my townhouse garage, so it is cold in there now. I cant spend as much time as I would have during the summer. May have to fire up a heater to extend some work hours. With garage getting cold, I may only have 6 months timeframe to run QT tanks as well, as I am not sure if heaters will be able to keep water at correct temp when garage will be at like 0C during winter.

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