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Itís been a while since I posted any updates (been busy with work) but no excuses. My wife and I moved to an acreage and the tank spent 6 months in the heated garage. Everything for the most part was fine, lost a couple sps pieces but what can you do. I have since moved the tank in to the basement after planning for a month or so. The basement window was removed and the tank was successfully put in its new spot. I plan on keeping it here for the long haul at this point.

My sps growth has stalled out from the move, but seems to be picking up steam in the last week. Nothing was lost during the move, some corals lost colour and were angry but are rebounding. I plan on taking some photos in the near future to provide a proper update . Iím pretty sure my 4 friends from my old squad will ďbe busyĒ if I upgrade my tank LOLLOL.

300g Basement Reef - April 2018
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