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Default IM Nuvo Peninsula 14

Hi Reefers,
My name is Sean, first of all, I want to apologize for my bad English because is not my first language. Due to cost of living and space limitation. I have been in the saltwater hobby for 16 years. I have been down sizing from 180g to 120g to a 29 BioCube and now to a nuvo 14 peninsula. I had a hard time to decide on getting the nuvo 10 or the nuvo 14.

Tank: Innovative Marine Nuvo 14 peninsula
Stand: custom made “floating concept wanna-be”
Light: Ai Prime HD, $2 cheap led for chaeto in chamber 2
Skimmer: Mame Nano skimmer
ATO: Duetto ATO
Heater: Aqueon heater
Rock: 10kg of STAX rocks
Return pump: Tunze 1073.008 from my BioCube
Wavemaker: Jaebao SOW-4
Misc : intank media rack from nuvo 8 (had to modified to fit into the peninsula)

Bare bottom for the first time (not liking so far)
-saving up to buy a long fin black ice to pair up with my ultra premium black ice that I have in my BioCube
-mostly Colourful corals
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