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It is very very hard for me to say that they are the same. We have not tested nor ever worked with their products. One of the only things that can differ is the density. Our 5 gallon mix weighs right around 2.4KG.

With that being said, there are always adjustments to make when changing products. Be expecting a slight increase or decrease in dosing regimen.

What you can do is test both products before dosing. For example, fill up two 3 litter bottles with RODI water and add 1ML our stuff in one and 1ML of a comparable in the other and test the KH in both. So if our stuff is +/- 5% for example, you dial in your ML/day according to that.



Originally Posted by LoJack View Post
I currently dose Bulk Reef Supply's two part system. I'm assuming they will be on your list as I'm pretty sure they're the biggest and most well known two part provider to the reefing community in North America at this point.

I'd love to be buying Canadian and would happily switch as long as the product is similar. I'm curious, is this product the same. Will the dosing amounts for 5 gallons of your chemicals have the same effect as 5 gallons of theirs?

If I'm dosing 150ml a day of BRS Solution ... will it be comparable to the amount of your solution I will have to dose for the same impact on my parameters?

Thanks Ray!! Looking forward to saving on some shipping !