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My first Reef Tank many many years ago
No sump, no canister filter, no protein skimmer. just old fasioned current, LR and a 150 watt corallife MH
FTS at night
octospawn at night
Octospawn at night
frogspawn at night
Top down Frogspawn
Green Zoo
My Cheerleader Xenia (Yah Yah I know its a blue pom pom)
Side Shot!
Side Shot!
from the left side of the tank, i keep this sides' glass dirty, kinda hard to see through that side anyways.
from the right side of the tank
top down of the frogspawn
top down of my octospawn. Kinda hard to get a good top down because the light is right above it.
Top Down of the zoo corner
blue pom pom xenia
Top Down of zoo corner
Some Digi, Blue pom pom Xenia and one of the frogspawns
Frogspawn Center with the Blue pom pom xenia
Zoo corner

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