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FAQ: Site Related
Who are the Developer's and Staff?
What is vBPortal?
When will vBPortal be released?
Is vbPortal FREE to download?
How do I become a contributing member?

Who are the Developer's and Staff?
The Project Manager/Developer of vbPortal is William Jones, Retired Systems Administrator that seems to be working more than he did before retirement. The Development Manager is Stuart Gibson. The staff consists of some unique characters that bring their own flavor of ideas and knowledge to the table. Weeman, Willard Reece, VampireMan, Debs, Obsidian... and you cannot forget about the premium members that come to the site to help find bugs, give feedback, and ask for requests for future features.
What is vBPortal?
vBPortal is an addon to the already popular message board software called vB developed by vBPortal has came a long way, and the new version 3.0 has a lot of great features and functions. Simply it adds a frontpage, and utilizes vb's abilities and expands on that.
Further abilities have been added in the way of modules, blocks and addons that allow you to add a variety of live content to your site allowing users to further interact.
When will vBPortal be released?
vBPortal is now gold and is available for download if you are a premium member!

The online portalcp manual pages are an ongoing concern.

There will be several designers working on the styles to create the most usable approach possible. We will also support more skinning by using the templates engine to separate HTML from the code.
Is vbPortal FREE to download?
Only if you are a premium member.

Contributing members have access to the members only community forums as well as custom hacks and enhancements made available by staff and other contributing members.
How do I become a contributing member?
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